Welcome, My Strong Sister!

You’ve found such a special treasure here, like a chest filled with precious pearls that will help you discover the healthy balance in body, mind, & soul that you’ve been searching for. 

Hello! I’m Shrell Dawn, and these are the ways we can work together…

VIP Intensive Package

You’re the star Queen for a day with laser-focused one-on-one attention and then the support lasts all year long for your radical transformation with food and body. The cream of the crop option for women who don’t mess around!

Group Coaching Package

A combination of “go at your own pace” virtual lessons and group coaching calls. The best of both worlds as you get support from your sisters and have weekly access to your coach for group Q&A.

Private Coaching Package

An opportunity to work one-on-one and be personally guided through all the necessary steps in transforming your relationship with food and becoming an intuitive eater.

About Me

After years of chronic dieting and extreme restriction during prep for figure competitions, I hit an all time low in regards to self-esteem, body image, and overall wellness. It then became my mission to find a healthy, mind-body balance.  My personal journey not only led to healing, but ignited a passion to coach and guide other women who had struggled like me towards a place where they love and trust their bodies and finally find peace with food. 


A little love from my clients and followers…

“With her guidance and suggestions, the pull of food, and the obsession, which had been all consuming, began to lose its power over me. I learned less about food, and more about how to empower myself against an array of stressors in life. Shrell is a mind and body healer.” 

Megan B.

“God has known since day one the plan he has for each of us men and women. Shrell, He has chosen you to build up women in such a critical time.” 

Tristan W.

“The major shift for me is that my mentality now is that I am eating healthy, listening to my body and exercising not to lose weight, but to be the healthiest/strongest person I possibly can. I am not so hung up on what I’m eating/drinking and not obsessing over everything. Shrell has really been an inspiration to me.” 

Erin J.